2st Edition Keyois Capsule – BIP38 Bitcoin


Available now are the 2017 Keyois Capsule, the 2nd edition complete with tungsten rings and more centerpiece options!

Second edition Keyois Capsule with a buyer-supplied secret key and address.

Buyer supplies the encrypted Secret Key and Address. This information is then laser-engraved onto Tungsten rings and sealed within the air-tight capsule along with a centerpiece of choice.

The second edition Keyois Capsules are numbered which appears in the inside on the inner ring.




A total of fifty (50) second edition keyois capsules will be made, each will come with a number laser engraved on the inside of the inner tungsten ring.

There are a number of options for the centerpiece, for more details on the first edition or the centerpieces please see the about page or see more pictures on the photos page.

9k Gold Tube
14k Gold Tube
18k Gold Tube
92.5% Silver AKA Sterling Silver
99.9% Fine Silver Tube
Platinum Tube
Ruby Red Lab-created Corundum
Sapphire Blue Lab-created Corundum
Green Tourmaline
Natural Quartz
.. and specially created just for the 2nd edition:
Semi-Color changing lab-created corundum laced with vanadium, aka Simulated Alexandrite

These capsules are shipped empty and are not loaded with funds.