The Keyois Capsule is a cryptocurrency piggybank. Designed for Bitcoin storage it can be used with almost any blockchain token.

The idea was to take the concept of a paper wallet and make it tamper evident and resistant to a wide range of damages.


The two main problems with regular cold storage are:

  • A backup seed or secret key which is simply written down is at risk, someone can take a picture and steal that information without you ever knowing.
  • Many methods of cold storage can be affected and ruined by disaster or damage from: smoke, fire, heat, water, rot, rust, corrosion, and being smashed.

The Keyois Capsule aims to solve these issues in a fun and elegant way.


Two laser-engraved metal rings hold the information inside a water-tight capsule.

On the outer ring the public address is carved into the rings so that anyone can read it from the outside and fund it.

The inner ring contains the secret information and is fixed inside the larger ring with high strength epoxy.

To access the encrypted secret key/seed one would need to destroy the capsule and forcibly separate the rings, thus achieving a tamper-evident quality.

In the middle of the capsule is a small centerpiece for decoration. There are a number of options for these centerpieces that you can see in the photos tab.

The screw threads are secured with a high temperature and high strength threadlocker and the screw heads are drilled out.

More Information

These rings are glazed with a holographic paint so that they glitter in sunlight.

We encourage you to create and submit your own BIP38 encrypted secret key and address for engraving.

The capsule is flooded with CO2 prior to being sealed in an attempt to displace the oxygen in the atmosphere.


First Edition Keyois Capsules

The first edition Keyois Capsules have:

  • Two different sized rings each made of grade five titanium;
  • Mirror polished aircraft-grade aluminium ‘end pieces’ with a 60 micron chromium plating;
  • Deeper recesses for the screws;
  • Borosilicate glass (aka pyrex) surrounding it;
  • O-rings of silicone and nitrile

Second Edition Keyois Capsules

The second edition Keyois Capsules have:

  • Tungsten carbide rings;
  • Aluminium-6061 alloy end pieces with mirror polish and chrome plating;
  • Slightly longer screws;
  • Borosilicate viewing glass;
  • All silicone o-rings;
  • Product numbers which are laser-engraved in the inside of the inner ring

Centerpiece Information

The center pieces are a fun decoration for the Keyois Capsule and there are a variety of them. Here is a list of the stock options with a short blurb of information.

  • Ruby Red Lab-Created Corundum – Cylinderical centerpieces made of Aluminium Oxide or Al2O3. They are chemically identical to gems found in the ground however they lacks occlusions and imperfections. On the Mohs hardness scale corundum is a 9, just below diamond and well above steel, titanium, topaz, and glass. The ruby red centerpieces glow brightly under UV light.
  • Sapphire Blue Lab-Created Corundum – Custom created along with the ruby cylinders for the 1st edition keyois capsules, there were only 25 of each type made. The stones are fairly dark without lighting, don’t be fooled by my glorious photographs.
  • Simulated Alexandrite – Semi-Color changing lab-created corundum laced with vanadium. Made specialy for the 2nd edition keyois capsules these centerpieces appear clear with a light tint of violet or lavender in sunlight despite how they appear highly colored in the photographs. They lightly glow a bright red under UV light.
  • Green Tourmaline – Dark green tourmaline crystals can appear blue or black at times and are translucent with directly opposing light but for the most part remain dark and opaque.
  • Natural Quartz – These small natural quartz crystals come in any size that fits securely in the centerpiece area and are all different. See some example photos if interested.
  • 9k Yellow Gold Tube – weight: 0.95g, 0.45mm wall thickness, available for a small extra charge.
  • 14k Yellow Gold Tube – weight: 0.61g, 0.25mm wall thickness, with an outer diameter of 2.79 mm, available for a small extra charge.
  • 18k Yellow Gold Tube – weight: 1.31g, is 23.5mm in length with an outer diameter of 3mm. Available for an extra charge .
  • 92.5% Silver AKA Sterling Silver Tube – weight: 0.56g available in both smooth and rough appearance.
  • 99.9% Fine Silver Tube – Looks pretty much the same as the sterling silver tube, but we got it!
  • Platinum Tube – Currently out of stock, weighing in at around 1.66g

Turn around time is around 3-5 weeks.
Please contact us if you have any questions.